BELTTT Belt is a leading global manufacturer of inverters and solar power systems. BELTTT Belt has been developing at a high speed since its inception. We have excellent talent training and compensation mechanisms. I believe you can visit
Due to development needs, is to recruit the following talents:
First, foreign trade director
1, college degree or above, international trade, business English, e - commerce and or related major in English, fluent in English, familiar with foreign trade business processes;
2, skilled use of computer office software;
3, with a unique ability and self - learning attitude and ability;
4, interested in challenging work, optimistic, team spirit, work proactive, responsible, hardworking, cheerful;
5, understand the network sales, responsible for Alibaba International Station platform, Canton Fair and other exhibitions to develop foreign customers.
6, have the experience of trade and export declaration work experience priority admission,
7, there are power industry sales experience and customer resources priority admission!
Second, single-chip software engineer
1. Proficient in C language, assembly language, skilled use of Microchip PIC, Thai and other series of single-chip.
2. In the inverter, UPS microcontroller development work experience, can independently complete the product program development.
3. Proficient in 8-bit, DSP 16-bit, 32-bit microcontroller programming capabilities, familiar with the PID algorithm.
Third, power engineer
1, solar controller, inverter power supply trial production,
2, both product features perfect
3, college or higher culture
4, there are high-frequency inverter power supply (including correction wave, sine wave) development experience
5, able to independently develop products, familiar with the circuit hardware design.
4, familiar with digital-analog circuit and PCB design.
6, 5 years experience in product development.
7, excellent treatment can be interviewed!